Sony Announces PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle

Vice President of PlayStation Marketing Mary Yee announced a new PlayStation VR bundle. According to the press release, the bundle includes the PlayStation VR, a PlayStation Camera, an updated version of the PS VR Demo Disc (which comes with 13 PlayStation VR demo experiences), as well as a physical copy of Gran Turismo Sport included in the package. Currently, the PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport bundle will be available in United States retailer stores for $399.99 and in Canada for $499.99.

Gran Turismo Sport was released last month exclusively for PlayStation 4 and was developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony. Much like its predecessors, Gran Turismo Sport features two game modes – Sports Mode and Arcade Mode, both of which include online and offline racing. Unfortunately, unlike the last two main entries, Sport does not include a day-night cycle, as well as a dynamic weather system, but players do have the ability to customize what time the race will start 24 hours before the actual race.

In other PlayStation news, this week, to celebrate the beginning of November, the company is offering several fantastic titles at a discounted price for users with an active PlayStation Plus account. Additionally, this month’s PlayStation Plus Games were revealed.

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I want to buy it but i'm not paying that much


Yezzy It's kinda outrageous how much the thing cost...

it will drop in the next 3 years


It's kinda outrageous how much the thing cost...