White PS4 Pro Spotted In The Wild, Rumoured To Launch November 7

Xbox One players aren’t the only ones being pushed toward 4K this holiday season, if this new listing spotted on Irish toy retailer Smyths is anything to go by. A white PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB system has been spotted on their online storefront for release on November 7

If that date sounds familiar to you, it might be because Microsoft’s push into 4K gaming, the Xbox One X, also launches to the world on that date. The “Glacier White” PS4 Pro system could be Sony attempting to take some attention back to their platform, which first released November 10, 2016. The system wouldn’t be completely unique, as a Destiny 2 bundle included a White PS4 Pro when that game launched.

While the older system isn’t quite up to snuff with the Xbox One X in terms of raw numbers, the PlayStation 4 Pro is still a great step up from the vanilla PS4 for gamers looking to see titles like Horizon: Zero Dawn in a whole new light and make better use of their fancy new PlayStation VR headsets.

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Source: https://gamingbolt.com/white-ps4-pro-spotted-in-the-wild-rumoured-to-launch-november-7


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eh I don't like the white look 1 year in my house it wouldn't be white anyways


wonder why a color could boost a price by that much


wasnt there already a white ps4 pro o_o


Not sure what I think of the console itself since it's not much of a upgrade for the cost.