Tomorrow’s Halo 5 update adds 4K support on Xbox One X

We’ve known for a little while now that Halo 5: Guardians would be updated with 4K support on Xbox One X, but now we know that this patch will arrive tomorrow, squeezing it in just before the launch of the new console on November 7.

The Overtime update also features the return of Oddball as an official game mode, complete with some improvements like more medals and new announcer voice over audio. Oddball support on default custom game maps is coming soon, but you can still enjoy the new Oddball playlist when it releases tomorrow.

The general improvements and bug fixes are as follows:

General stability fixes

Improved JIP (“Join in Progress”) rules for Social playlists

Fixed a number of exploits for Warzone

BTB Assault matches now group properly under their own category
in the Service Record

Fixed an issue where REQ currency would sometimes not recharge properly when joining in progress to Warzone modes

Fixed an issue where players who JIP’ed into Warzone games were not leveling up

Fixed an issue where JIP’ing players sometimes caused momentary hitches

Added a fix for the “black screen” bug (We believe this is addressed, and will be monitoring closely – please let us know if you experience this issue post-patch)

Fixed a bug in which banned players could continue to play matches

Fixed a bug where March on Stormbreak and Battle of Noctus home bases did not have player collision

Fixed a rare crash players could hit if they died while picking up power-ups

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now I have a reason to buy a 4k monitor