Sledgehammer Games Shows Off New Call Of Duty: WWII Map

Earlier today, a list of new maps were revealed for Call of Duty: WWII, alongside new information on the Zombies mode for the game. We’ve posted some mild information below, but first, we wanted to give Sledgehammer Games a chance to respond regarding the leak – and even got a nice official reveal for our trouble.

Michael Condrey spoke with Charlie Intel about the leak, which included information for the 13 multiplayer maps within the game, as well as details on weapons, War Mode and more. He noted, “Call of Duty: WWII has been in development for nearly three years, and we’re now less than a month before launch. We can’t wait for fans to experience it on November 3rd. With Betas, there’s always the risk that some people will try and spoil that experience for others. We have had a couple things leak recently across multiplayer and zombies. It’s disappointing for everyone involved in creating the game. But, in the spirit of transparency, we want to be up front about it. Some of the details were inaccurate, early, or still subject to change. Others we would consider spoilers. We never plan for leaks, but we also understand that it’s hard for fans not to read the news when it’s about something they are so excited to learn more about.”

Before we get to the multiplayer list, here’s what Condrey noted afterwards, talking about a new map reveal that takes place in London, along with a new mode. “We are super proud of the game and cannot wait to play it with the community, so please hang on for a bit as November 3rd is almost here. In the meantime, here’s a first look at our London map in multiplayer. It’s a studio favorite for domination, hardpoint, and TDM, and we think it could be a standout for the competitive season ahead. Also, it’s a lot of fun for the new Gridiron game mode coming at launch, here’s a taste.”

As far as the multiplayer maps that were hinted at, here’s the list:
  • Aachen: Urban warfare in the Battle of Aachen. Long range gameplay down the dangerous streets mixed with up-close engagements through war-torn structures.
  • U-Turn
  • Pointe du Hoc: D-Day landing site with tight gameplay spaces. Bunkers and trenches create intense close-range battles.
  • Flak Tower: German Flak Tower overlooking the skies above Berlin. Frenetic, close-range battles from end to end.
  • Ardennes Forest: Battle around a German encampment and vehicle convoy in the snow-covered Ardennes Forest during Battle of the Bulge. Fast-paced short to medium range engagements.
  • Gibraltar: Cliff-side fortifications atop the Rock of Gibraltar. Intense stand-off battles in the center with vertical combat opportunities to the flanks.
  • “Wolfs Lair” (name not final): Deep in the Prussian Masurian woods lies Hitler’s Eastern Front military headquarters.
  • Sainte Marie du Mont: Furious battle across a war-torn French village. Features multiple high-intensity combat scenarios involving short and medium range gameplay.
  • Gustav Cannon
  • Carentan
  • USS Texas
  • London Docks
  • Paris

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    Xbox Maps seem like a fun time, can't wait to pick the game up in less than a month now (;

    Not long to go lol i can't wait either best cod we have had in a good while.


    I wish they showed more of the map or even gameplay. I think it will be a fun map for bigger gametypes.


    So excited for this game to drop. Keeps getting better.


    Maps seem like a fun time, can't wait to pick the game up in less than a month now (;


    Very cool, this game keeps looking better and better!


    Daniel The map looks decent but the game just looks like a piece of crap, Most will disagree with me but thats just my opinion.

    Yes most will, because right now this game is saving COD so you must like AW style games


    The map looks decent but the game just looks like a piece of crap, Most will disagree with me but thats just my opinion.


    Can't wait for ww2! can't wait to snipe again


    Cant wait for this game to come out.


    Actually looks like a decent map- can't wait to play the full game.