Xbox One X Owners Will Need to Buy Their Own Kinect Adapter

The Xbox One X won’t be shipping with a Kinect adapter at launch for easy camera hookup, according to the head of Xbox’s market division.

Like many other Xbox fans, one gamer took to Twitter to ask a couple of questions about the Xbox One X and received an answer about the Kinect adapter and whether it’d be included with the Xbox One X for free at launch. Though they didn’t expect to receive an answer, Microsoft’s been pretty active on the social media platform addressing users’ concerns and replied within the day, though the answer might not be welcome news for those without an adapter.

The program that Greenberg referred to was the free release of the Kinect adapter that allowed for easy camera hookup with the Xbox One S. When the upgraded version of the Xbox One was released, the Kinect that was previously compatible with the base version of the Xbox One required an adapter in order to set up the Kinect. It took up an extra outlet spot and gave Xbox One S owners a few more wires to deal with, but it was at least free with the Xbox One S, so those who intended to use the Kinect could still easily continue to do so.

Compared to purchasing the Xbox One X that’s priced at $499, adding an adapter for the Kinect on top of that purchase isn’t too pricey at just $39.99. However, seeing that the Xbox One S buyers received a free adapter to make the Kinect compatible with their console, some prospective buyers are still a bit let down at the idea of putting out more money on top of their console purchase. Judging from the tone of the replies to Greenberg’s answer, people aren’t mad, they’re just a bit disappointed.

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They need to make a profit. All companies, people will still buy it regardless. Look at the new iPhone, people are moaning on about it but people are still buying it!


Famous Still trying to get as much money as they can I see

Or just not handing out free hardware? Lmao


Never used the Kinect when I had it. So this idea wouldn't bother me.


Still trying to get as much money as they can I see


$40 USD for an adapter is fairly absurd. I don't use my Kinect often, but it's nice to be able to say "Xbox On," so it powers up at your command.


I know that the kinect is nice to have but not a necessity so this doesn't bother me


I'm not bothered by it, hardly used the kinect. For those kinect users though, rip it's not free. :(


Not upset about this, never used Kinect anyways.


I wouldn't even say this is worth it anymore for anyone who hasn't tried it out and wants to get it gotta pay for the Kinect and the Adapter...


Wasn't this the same for the S? I don't know as I don't have one and I wouldn't buy an adapter as I don't use a Kinect.