iPhone X announced with edge-to-edge screen, Price and Details

The long-awaited and extensively leaked special edition iPhone is finally upon us, and it’s called the iPhone X. This new super flagship phone from Apple features an edge-to-edge screen with a notch at the top to accommodate the front-facing camera and sensors. Apple CEO Tim Cook teased the introduction of the the new device with the following words:

“Over the past decade, we've pushed forward with innovation after innovation, bringing us to this moment, when we can create devices that are far more intelligent, far more capable, and far more creative than ever before.”

The iPhone X has glass on both the front and the back, and it has “surgical-grade” stainless around the sides. It comes in two colors: space gray and silver. It also has the highest pixel-density (458ppi) display ever in an iPhone, with Apple calling it a Super Retina display. It measures 5.8 inches in diagonal size and has a resolution of 2436 x 1125. It’s also the first OLED display that is, in Phil Schiller’s words, “the first OLED display great enough to be in an iPhone.” Like the iPhone 8, the iPhone X also has True Tone display technology.

Apple has omitted the home button for the first time, replacing it with an upward swipe from the bottom of the phone.

iPhone X features the new A11 Bionic chip with a special neural engine that helps power Face ID. Apple says Face ID can’t be spoofed by photographs, masks, and makeup, and changing your actual appearance with a hat or beard or makeup won’t prevent Face ID from working. Apple says all the processing is completed locally and securely, and the feature only works when you’re eyes are open and you’re paying attention and not looking away.

In terms of security, Touch ID has a 1 in 50,000 stat for security. Face ID beats that with 1 in a million. Face ID is used with Apple Pay and the new side button and in apps that already support Touch ID.

iPhone X also uses facial recognition for Apple’s new Animoji feature in Messages. This uses facial tracking to capture your expressive as well as your voice to send animated emoji.

Demo time: Craig Federighi starts the demo with a (failed) Face ID unlock. All of Apple’s apps have been updated to be full screen on the new Super Retina Display. Control Center is accessed by swiping down from the top right corner.

iPhone X has dual 12MP sensors with dual optical image stabilization which is a first for the iPhone. Both Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting from the iPhone 8 Plus are also available on iPhone X. The front-facing camera on iPhone X supports Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting as well.

iPhone X features 2 hours more battery life than iPhone 7. Wireless Qi charging is also available through the glass back. Apple is also creating a new charging mat called AirPower that charges iPhone 8 or iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3, and a new optional AirPods charging case.

iPhone X starts at $999 with 64GB and 256GB storage options. Pre-orders start October 27 and ship November 3. iOS 11 ships September 19.

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Decy The price of the X is ridiculous... i would personally go with samsung or the Xiumi Mii Mix 2

I'd even take a HTC U11 or a Nokia over this, seriously.

So would i probably apple is just a company that has never appealed to me.


Decy The price of the X is ridiculous... i would personally go with samsung or the Xiumi Mii Mix 2

I'd even take a HTC U11 or a Nokia over this, seriously.


The full screen and resolution is beyond amazing and probably the best phone of its time but that price is stupid.
They just know people are going to buy it regardless of the price tag.

A face ID lock, oh now fbi has our facial recognition


The price of the X is ridiculous... i would personally go with samsung or the Xiumi Mii Mix 2


The add-on feature of face recognition is dope in my opinion. I may end up buying the phone, but not anytime soon.


If your not going to use the feature what's the point in buying it, besides saying you have it


Sure the price is a bit high, but what do you expect with Apple. Preorder here I come.


It's cool and all but not a thousand dollars cool.


I'll stick to my Samsung lol


Absolutely ridiculous price in my opinion but its Apple so what do you expect.