Numbers are in and it’s not looking too good for Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is off to a great start but it’s not the start that many expected. While we’ll have to wait until October to know NPD figures for the United States, in the meantime the United Kingdom sales are a good indication of how the game is doing. Well, the good news is that it’s the country’s biggest retail launch this year. The bad news is that sales are down nearly 60% from the original Destiny. Many gamers had issues with the original game, in particular its story and expensive expansions. The negative press associated with the game probably led to less people buying the sequel in the country. Usually the same applies to the United States but you never know.

According to figures, Destiny 2 sold 175,000 in the United Kingdom on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 during launch week. However, that’s a massive decrease from the 417,000 units its prequel sold on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2014. Definitely shocking but not really surprising. Bungie lost a lot of customers with the pricing of the game and how it denied content to Xbox One owners. Hopefully as the weeks and months go by, Destiny 2 will regain some of those consumers because it’s much better than its predecessor in every way. Only time will tell though. We all expected a decrease in sales but didn’t expect it to be this severe.

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Kinda worrying for PC. They really dropped the ball with the last destiny game. With the season pass, the game + pass later for 60$. Then the TTK for 40$ then selling the game bundled with "all dlc" later for 60$. Then Rise of iron for 30$ on top of everything. Then them making the complete Destiny bundle with everything for 60$. Either people are waiting for these bundles to come out with the dlc for 60$ or cheaper. Or they didn't like how repetitive D1 was. Not to mention this game has crates that you can buy with real money, that includes weapons and armors. I really wanna get this game when it releases for PC but like im skeptical.


Musket Hopefully it'll get more popular over the holidays. I personally enjoyed this game.

Your keyword is "Enjoyed", I don't want to play a game where the story is shorter than the first game. They've had years to develop this along with a huge budget with the sales they made from the first one. There's no reason the story should be as short as it is. Along with the fact that it's back to a level 20 level system before power, it's just like it's predecessor.


Hopefully it'll get more popular over the holidays. I personally enjoyed this game.


It's not shocking at all. The last game was over hyped and turned out to be really boring for most people, so naturally people knew this game wasn't going to be for them.