PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Surpasses Dota 2 in Concurrent Users

There was a lot of talk about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds this past week at Gamescom 2017, and while we can’t wait to see what the game is capable of now that it’s a Microsoft exclusive coming to Xbox One and Xbox One X, it’s still making one hell of a splash on PC.

With a myriad of streamers and YouTubers getting a piece of the action, it’s no wonder the game has grown to its current peak of popularity. Today PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds achieved the highest concurrent users on Steam with nearly 900,000 players, beating out Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by over 300,000 players, and DOTA 2 by a slim 40,000.

The thing about PUBG is that it doesn’t seem to want to slow down. The game attracted 90,000 new players in July, and another 130,000 in August. While these figures are outstanding, it’s crazy to think that the game hasn’t even made it out of Early Access. Dislodging DOTA 2 from the top spot on Steam is an incredible achievement for Brendan Greene (PlayerUnknown himself) and developer Bluehole Studio Inc. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is nowhere close to DOTA 2‘s peak player count, which reached its height in 2016 and the two games continue to go back and forth in their fight for the highest current player count. You can find the stats below, with PUBG in green and DOTA 2 in blue.

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Not suprised at all - Dota 2 is rubbish imo.


Looks like He's putting that AWS server to good use lol...


Never played it look good, doesnt surprise me that is has over took Dota 2 it seems to be a really popular game


I knew it was going to happen, called it a month or 2 back. This game is still growing massively and it's yet to be released on Xbox. It's going to explode even more.


Crazy can't wait for the Xbox version


We want PUBG on Xbox and we want it NOW.


I love PUBG. never really got into DOTA tho.


Lets hope it stays ahead. Not many games have dethroned DOTA 2 for long.


I Knew This Was Coming And As Xbox Said Cant Wait For It To Come To Xbox


Good for them, still waiting for it to come to Xbox.

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