PlayerUnknown Is “Shocked” at the Speed Battlegrounds Is Selling

PlayerUnknown, or Brendan Greene as he is known in real life, keeps riding the wave of fame at Gamescom 2017. With Battlegrounds recently breaking eight million copies sold in just four months since the debut on Steam Early Access, he was interviewed by GameReactor and said:

I’ve been shocked at the speed at which we’ve been selling copies of Battlegrounds. We’ve actually just broken 700K concurrent players on Tuesday when you least expect it!

It’s a credit to the team because we are not letting it go to our heads. These are huge numbers, but because it’s happening so fast, there’s no real time to take it in. So we’re really just focused on planning for the future. My boss is always in meetings these days, trying to find new hires or new locations or planning for the global service we’re trying to provide.

I keep saying, we are not in a spring but in a marathon. This is something we’re planning to do for quite a long time.

Sure enough, SteamCharts confirms that the new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds record of Steam concurrent players is now 715,115. At the speed the game is selling, though, this won’t last long and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s second all-time record of 850,485 concurrent players might be surpassed soon.

PlayerUnknown also talked about the upcoming desert map, which features several abandoned skyscrapers. He clarified that only the top and base floors will be available, otherwise things would get too complicated, but the map should still feature a significant amount of verticality.

With regards to the game’s release date on PC, Greene said that Bluehole is confident to get it out of Early Access before the end of the year. That’s also when Battlegrounds will debut on Xbox One’s Game Preview program, with the final version on console planned to launch in “early 2018”.

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Yoke Ha! Wait till it hits Microsofts platform! They are gonna cash out

Especially as the price wont't go above $30 (they've confirmed) - will get many people ordering it on release.


Ha! Wait till it hits Microsofts platform! They are gonna cash out


Ha! Wait till it hits Microsofts platform! They are gonna cash out


And it's only starting, no doubt this game is selling it's great to play especially with a few friend's and it's coming to Xbox it's like the calm before the storm for them


Mickers Wait till it comes to Xbox! Then he will be shocked.

100% this is going to be huge.


Wait till it comes to Xbox! Then he will be shocked.


I'm not surprised, it's an actively developed game with a spin on the survival genre..

It's not surprising at all after his ARMA II mod...


I would never of thought a game like this would sell like it did, I am happy for their success.


i regret selling my PC, i cant run it faster then a potato can run minecraft


Well when you have an interesting concept combined with solid development you are gonna have a best seller.

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