No Man's Sky Multiplayer Introduced in Atlas Rising Update

We reported that a massive update is coming to No Man's Sky, and now it's arrived. Sean Murray took to the PlayStation Blog this morning to outline and introduce "Atlas Rising," an expansive overhaul which brings several new features and a lot of new content to what turned out to be one of the most popular and most controversial games of the generation. Check out the update trailer above.

"Featuring a new central storyline players can discover more about the universe and themselves, as well as a wide array of new and improved features. Whether you’re a veteran interloper or completely new to the No Man’s Sky universe, there has never been a better time to start your journey." The update trailer and patch notes will give you a more in-depth idea of what you can expect the next time you boot up the game, but here's a quick rundown of all of the new features in Atlas Rising:

  • 30 hours of branching story and deeper lore
  • Procedurally generated guild missions

  • Much deeper interstellar trading

  • Star Systems have varying wealth, conflict and economies

  • Overhauled Space combat controls, weapons and AI

  • Portals stargates enable quick travel

  • Terrain manipulation for more complex bases

  • New farming and mining interactions bring increased depth

  • Increased biome variety and Rare exotic biomes

  • Analysis visor & discovery improvements

  • Galaxy map and many other UI improvements

  • New S Class ship designs

  • Low altitude flight and the ability to crash your ship

  • Crashed Freighters to salvage on planets

  • Joint exploration

So obviously that last point is going to be the most exciting. "Joint exploration," huh? Does that mean we're finally getting multiplayer in No Man's Sky? Here's what Murray actually said in the post. For now, it sounds like we're going to be limited to some form of in-game communication; but the system will evolve:

It's a start, for sure. And this update proves that Hello Games is still working hard to make No Man's Sky the game we all dreamed it would be. The company's silence is now looking more like a positive sign instead of a negative one. They've had their heads down, hard at work. We'll keep you updated on what they cook up next.

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Was a rubbish game but has actually improved as of recently tbh.


That's one hell of an update, too bad the game sucks :(


Cool update, might try this game out in the future, hope to see it recover from how bad it was on release.


Fair play to them in trying to salvage the wreck that the base game ended up being. We'll see if this update makes it worth playing again, personally I don't think it'll quite do it.


Thats a serious update, would be good if you'd completed the story and now get another 30 hours game play.


Here is the link to the actual Atlas Rising Update :

I don't know why this game is still getting so much hate. Hello Games, specifically Sean Murray, sold this game well, albeit there was a lot of false marketing going on. It was a $20 indie game at launch sold for $60, it didn't deliver on its promises but if you didn't enjoy it, you could easily refund it (on steam, I don't know what PS4's requirements are if they do offer refunds). The game has been on sale for $30 before and I think I remember it being $20 at one point. I got around 40 hours of gameplay during the week of the launch, not all of it was fun and me really enjoying the game, it was more or less me trying to get to amazing planets like we saw in the trailers. The updates they are doing bring a lot of content to the game, some of which should have been at launch, but it wasn't, so don't cry over spilled milk. Every update I revisit the game to see what has been changed, usually just for a few hours, but they are doing good with them. It is better than nothing for those of us that still have the game, I am glad they didn't sell the game to us and run off with our money (as it was expected months after launch). I hope they continue on the updates and one day we may get the game we were promised.


This game should've been shutdown a long time ago, All that hype for nothing hahaha. Biggest fail.


Surprised they are still supporting it tbh, game was flawed from day 1...


The multiplayer is literally just other players as floating balls that can look around - nothing more. You cant play with a friend and do shit together, it's basically spectating.


I didn't know people still payed this shit.