PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ First-Person Only Servers Now Available

Since launching on Early Access in March, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has dominated the Steam charts throughout the year and has since expanded its recently-implemented first-person mode across all game types moving forward.

In a tweet from the game’s official Twitter account, first-person only servers have now expanded their availability across all game types in the North America, Europe, and Asian servers, which allows players to duke it out only in the game’s first-person perspective. The first-person mode has been available in the game for quite some time since its debut, but those looking for a change from the third-person perspective of the game are in for an intriguing twist on the usual gameplay that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds offer.

The feature was previously launched as part of the latest monthly update, but was only made available in both Solo and Duo game types in certain regions, However, the game type’s availability across all types and regions (especially as part of Squads) should make for some interesting and intense encounters with the different point-of-view. The development team at Bluehole Studio also confirmed that leaderboards for first-person play across all game types will be added at a later date.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now on PC through Steam Early Access – an Xbox One version of the title is also currently in development.

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This is awesome, cant wait to try this game out.


This is cool, really need to pick this game up asap.


I'm more of a first person guy myself so this should come in handy for me !


This is great, seen a couple of streamers play this sort of mode and they say "it's easy" looks like it and all. The amount of people get #1 spot all the time. Easy game, easy kills.


Pretty cool for those who like first person but not a fan myself.


FPP servers have been out for almost a week now and you are just covering it now? Awkward. Squads FPP servers were just released, they already had solo and duos out.


First person will make the game much harder for sure


ZTG It's actually really great, I hate third person sometimes because people can just hide and peek whenever they want.
Works both ways though. Got most of my kills from peeking round corners.


It's actually really great, I hate third person sometimes because people can just hide and peek whenever they want.


Pretty cool would bring a whole new aspect sort of to the game even tho you can do it already but it will be alot harder by the looks of things.