The reconnect feature has returned to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Being able to reconnect to the same game you just got disconnected from in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was a great thing that lasted only hours before the feature was pulled.

The new system was one of the surprise additions of the big monthly patch. After a series of server issues the likes of which the game had never seen before – and that’s saying something, developer Bluehole disabled it.

The feature was reactivated earlier this morning, but the developer stressed that it’s still in beta, so you may run into bugs.

Ideally, you should be able to reconnect and find your loot and everything else intact, assuming you didn’t get shot and looted. A number of games have similar features, but it’s no doubt a very welcome addition to a game as intense and tactical as PUBG.

Hopefully, nothing else will break this time. So far, since the release of the weekly patch earlier this morning and the reactivation of reconnect, everything seems to be going swimmingly.

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Really can't wait to play this game looks fantastic.


This is a great feature, there has been so many times I was doing good in a game or it was just a good lobby and I wish I could of joined back.


Sounds like a really cool feature, hope they fix it.


I don't play this game but seen people randomly disconnect from the game sometimes not allows but sometimes. This is a good feature to add.


Such a good feature. My game crashes first time I start it and this comes in handy.


Was in a game yesterday was in a great position in the middle of a bridge with cover and it was ending on the bridge i was slaying i had a kar with an 8x and a M16 with a 2x i was 8th and my game decided to disconnect.... i tried to rejoin but it didnt work so they really need to fix there shit if there about to have a 300k tournement.


Never really had an issue with disconnecting, however if you are one of them, after beta this could be a great feature.


This will either save some bacon or be used to abuse the game. Depends how it works and how long you have till you can reconnect. Only time will tell I guess...


Very cool for people like me with a terrible connection lmao.


Great feature to have in game's, The very odd time i lag out on CS the reconnect button always saves my life. Great addition to PUBG