Discord Is Planning On Adding Screen Sharing And Video Chat

The popular voice and text chat platform used by gamers called Discord has recently announced that it’s making more moves towards the addition of screen sharing and video chat features.

From a tweet that was put out by the program’s official Twitter account on Thursday, a tweet that came with a buffed-up version of the usual Discord logo, the app announced that they’re in the process of taking additional steps towards giving these features to users.

Completely free and secure, Discord is one of the most-used options when it comes to taking your in-game communication to the next level. With different channels for all the hit games where players can strategize through voice and text chats, many multiplayer matches in the top games will often have players requesting that their teammates hop on Discord if they’ve got the app.

With the addition of both screen sharing and video chats, Discord looks to solidify itself as the prime option when it comes to gaming comms. A no-download desktop option makes joining conversations just a click of a link away, and a mobile app allows you to take the chatting on the go and shift the load off of your PC if need be.

Competing with other services like Skype and TeamSpeak, the lack of screen sharing and video chats within the program have been cited as the main features holding users back from fully converting over to a Discord-only usage. The program has no problem stacking itself up against these other services either, naming both of the competitors in its Twitter bio and even including a chart that compares the three services at the top of the page’s “Features” section. Like many users stated in the replies to the tweet, adding the two upcoming features will be a surefire way to bring in more users assuming they perform well.

There’s no release date yet for when users can expect the features as Discord has mentioned in the past that they refrain from providing such dates in order to deliver a fully-finished project, but the official account described the additions as coming “HellaSoon™.”

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Potion I hope discord comes to Xbox as it's the only chat app that I use.

I doubt it will if Im honest as much as I want it to, I think itll remain a PC/phone service.


Would be nice to use these features every now and then.


Seems a good idea, although there are so many things like this already.


I hope discord comes to Xbox as it's the only chat app that I use.


I would love to see Screen sharing added!


Screen sharing would be awesome to see added.


Would be pretty nice to see this added


Wow this update is going to be lit with the video chat and screen sharing addition.


This has been planned for a long time and I'm glad they are finely coming through with this update! Discord is an amazing app and so amazing compared to others.


This has been a thing since November of last year.