E3 2017: Call of Duty: WWII Gets Brand New Gameplay Trailer

Call of Duty: World War 2 got a new trailer at Sony’s E3 press conference, that once again tried to establish the somber realities of the war that is the most glorified conflict in history. Activision and Sledgehammer seem to be hell bent on trying to sell World War 2 as a serious take on the war- but it’s still hard to know if they will be able to achieve that goal with the game, given the series’ history for being bombastic.

Anyway, the trailer looked great, and you can check it out for yourself below. Call of Duty fans will undoubtedly like what they see- but the question of whether the fanbase that has felt alienated with recent entries in the series will find the new game up to par remains up for debate.

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Game looks alright, Hopefully playing the beta can win me over.


LostPhone Female soldiers? "Historically accurate"? Lmfaooo I'd rather pop in WaW

Female soldiers were in WW2. The Americans had around 350k female military personnel. In the Soviet Union, we had 800k serve during the war. Females played a key role for nations in the war, even if all weren't on the front lines, some were used as spies, others used to decrypt information and others that were to support the troops be that engineers, mechanics, ect.


Underwhelming to say the least. So many people on Twitter and Twitch chat thought this trailer when played was single player. Would prefer actual gameplay rather than cinematics.


Can't wait to get my hands on WW2


Looking forward to playing the Beta when it comes out. Reminds me of BF1 to say the least though


Hope it looks as good as the trailer lol, was really happy to see Sony reveal this trailer though, possibly the best part of the conference.


From cinematics this Multiplayer looks amazing. I cannot wait to play this November yo :p


I'm not bothered for this game at all it looks worse than Ghosts, I don't like the setting either, Id rather them just remaster Modern Warfare 2 because COD has gone down hill badly.


Maybe I'm just not being outraged enough but I just can't wait to play a new WW2 twitch shooter, I don't give a **** who you play as, female, male, dog, or Lebron James, I'm going to play it and be happy.


Wow better than expected, reminds me of WaW, can't wait to play this

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