Star Wars: Battlefront II Get New Multiplayer Footage at E3 2017

With content coming from the entire Star Wars universe, Star Wars: Battlefront II aims to bring players into the ultimate recreation of Star Wars‘ most epic battles, with new multiplayer footage showing what’s in store for players this November.

During EA’s press conference at EA Play 2017, EA shared an extensive look at Battlefront II‘s multiplayer live on stage with plenty of footage (via XCage on YouTube) of the multiplayer in action, including on the ground combat, air battles, and much, much more.

Star Wars: Battlefront II will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 17th, 2017 – in the meantime, you can check out the game’s brand new multiplayer footage from E3 2017 below:

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This is mostly hype in my opinion.


Was pretty awesome to see some actual gameplay at the E3 looks great, will be picking this up without a doubt.


1 Big peeve of mine. Where are the Droideka?


Looks much better than the first, plus the added bonus of free DLC drops. The first one got real boring, real quick, which was a shame.


This game is now the most hyped


Got bored of the first one but this one combined with Scorpio should be very good.


First BF was honestly boring and only took me around 20 hours to be bored of it. Apparently there will be more than 3 times the content. Hopefully it wont be a flop.


I am really exited for SWBF2. I didn't get to play the first one, as I was always told to stay away but I am definitely picking this one up.


I actually enjoyed the first battlefront.... for like a month. It lost my interest because of the lack of extras and purpose, I felt as though I had better things to do than to play the game. I hope to see this one do better, but I won't be getting it on day 1


First one got boring very quick, exactly the same as battlefield, but star wars themed.

Campaign should be good tho