Rainbow Six Siege update makes balance tweaks, fixes bugs

Update 2.1.3 arrives today for Rainbow Six Siege, making changes to Glaz, Montagne, and Echo.

The update makes tweaks to Glaz’s scope to make it easier to know when shots land or miss. Following the update, the noise on the edges of the highlighted enemy has been reduced, lowers the contrast of the teal tint of the lens, and fixes a bug that caused blood spatters not to appear on the lens.

“After shipping the new scope for Glaz with the Velvet Shell Mid-Season Reinforcements, we noticed that the blood splatter visual effects were not working properly,” Ubisoft explains. “This called into question whether hits would land on the player’s opponent or not. We have also reduced the noise created by the thermal lens, which caused the yellow highlight to bleed from the edges of the character, which gave the player a false sense of where the opponent’s body begins and ends. As a result, players will be able to see much better when a hit lands and when it doesn’t.”

Update 2.1.3 also increases the hip fire spread of Montagne’s LFP586 and makes it so Echo’s Yokai Drone disorients players if it hits any body part, instead of the just the head.

As well as these balance tweaks, the update also fixes a number of bugs relating to gameplay, operators, and level design.

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Looks one hella off a game looks too hard for me though lol


Dusknoir the game is so unbalanced u die in one shot smh.

I like it that way it's more realistic


Shame the game to me wasnt made properly. Still a nice game im glad of these fixes.


pcmr the game is so unbalanced u die in one shot smh.

it's a one shot to the head with all weapons, you're meant to play it with tactics and be super cautious


the game is so unbalanced u die in one shot smh.


Haven't played this game yet but i watched a couple streams of it and it doesn't look half bad.


Great to see them always improving this game. Loved it when I had it for my Xbox one the first time until I sold it, now I need to pick it up again for the s.


Support for this game is always good