Rumor: Xbox’s Project Scorpio Price Revealed

Ever since Microsoft revealed the impressive specs for its upcoming Project Scorpio console, the big question on everyone’s mind has been how much the console will cost. An official announcement on the pricing of Project Scorpio will likely have to wait for E3 2017 in June, but a Spanish retailer may have leaked the system’s price ahead of schedule.

As spotted by Twitter user DesiXBL, the Spanish website XtraLife has listed Project Scorpio for €399.99, meaning that if the listing is accurate, the console would likely cost $399.99 stateside. However, it’s worth noting that online retailers often use placeholder prices for unreleased products, so until Microsoft makes an official announcement, take any news on Project Scorpio’s pricing with a massive grain of salt.

While we can’t confirm if the site’s listing is accurate or not, let’s assume for a minute that Project Scorpio does cost $399.99. This would be a pretty big shock for the industry, as most analysts have predicted that Project Scorpio will cost $500 at least, due to its raw power and ability to stream gameplay in 4K resolution. However, if Microsoft is able to launch the console with the $399.99 price point, it could give it a significant advantage over its competition.

As it stands, the PS4 regularly beats the Xbox One in sales from one month to the next. But if Microsoft is able to provide an upgraded Xbox One to the public with the power of Project Scorpio at that low of a price point, it could turn things around, especially if third party developers get on board.

If third party developers take full advantage of Project Scorpio’s added horsepower, it would potentially mean that the best versions of multi-platform games will consistently be on Microsoft’s upgraded Xbox One console. However, Sony may try to counter that by obtaining more exclusive DLC deals for popular multi-platform game franchises, as it has done in recent years with the likes of Call of Duty and Destiny.

Something else that will play a role in Scorpio’s success is if Microsoft can ensure that its first-party games are optimized for the console. Right now, Microsoft doesn’t have a whole lot of exclusive games announced for release in the near future, but that will need to change if it wants Scorpio to put it back on top of the console gaming market.

Project Scorpio will be available this holiday season.

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This is a stupid rumor the new Xbox is going to be at least $500 without a doubt


Why would it be that cheap if it's the best console on the market


Thankfully the price isnt too bad. PS4 have no chance.


Sounds too cheap but if it's true it would be nice.


Perhaps just a placeholder price for now.


I predict the price will be at least $500 minimum.


I think the price will be around that. With it been mass produced it wouldn't cost an arm and a leg for MS to build the machines

399$ - 450$


It'll be much more than that, surely.


That is definitely not the price. It's going to be around $600 to $700


I can not and do not see it even coming close to this price, as Famous said below me at least 100-200 more.