You can’t earn all Black Ops II achievements on backward compatibility

The popular League Play feature of the original Call of Duty: Black Ops II will not come to the backward compatible version, according to Activision.

Black Ops II was recently introduced to Xbox One’s backward compatibility program after enthusiastic fan support. A Digital Foundry comparison video found that the updated game runs notably better than the older version, but while it may run smoother, it is apparently lacking in other areas. In response to a fan inquiry on Twitter, Activision revealed that the previously deactivated League Play would not be revived.

The mode’s Practice matches is still technically playable, but waiting to get placed is indefinite. Unfortunately, this also means that the achievement regarding League Play placement is unattainable in the new version.

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Who cares about achievements on an old game, just play it to have fun!


It sucks that they removed it.. You click league play solo rank it crashes your xbox.. xD


Just get someone modder to give you all the achievements....


League play was all i played on bo2


Achievements are overrated

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