This Sad Video Will Make You Glad You Didn't Buy A Nintendo Switch

The Switch has only just launched, but already there are numerous complaints about poor design decisions, faults and breakages. This sad compilation of some of the problems so far makes for depressing viewing, especially if you've already bought the console.

Of course, when any product sells in large volumes, you're going to have people with issues - but some of the problems seem to be more to do with Nintendo's design choices than plain old bad luck. For instance, as one Reddit user points out, the dock doesn't even need the front panel that's been scratching people's screens

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Do people not know that this is only happening to small percentage of people, I don't know the exact numbers but it's annoying to hear how people call this console trash when this issue isn't even happening to everyone. I'm happy with my purchase haven't had any issue and i'm looking forward for future titles on the switch.


Groot never buy anything on release.. always buggy af

Take it you got it when it first came out? thats only good with glitches on new CODs haha.


I bought one then returned it. Going to wait until its all fixed.


never buy anything on release.. always buggy af


This is very stupid that it has so many issues


wr125x I called it on every single switch post, told you it would be trash

Only thiing i have a problem with is that when using handheld mode the joycons are somewhat lose on the

wr125x I called it on every single switch post, told you it would be trash

You want a cookie man? Because pretty much anyone could see that from a mile away. I don't think anyone thought is was actually going to be good. Plus, Nintendo is known for influencing supply to appear more successful. When something sells out you assume it's good and that the demand is high. What they don't tell you is that Walmart is selling pre-ordered and payed for consoles out from under the people who already payed for them. Why does that matter? Becuse it artificially increases demand. Also, the same reason I see them for sale on offer up for $500. A good example is adidas and yeezy. Horrible shoes low quality, cheap design and cheap materials that literally are worth about 15$. They sell for $600 becuse people hype them up and they sell out every time. I wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be the worst selling console for Nintendo ever.

Ur post is wrong in so many ways. 1st off theres barely any other games but zelda on the switch so how can u say its not good ? Have u played it ? Have u owned yeezys ? I have the 350 v2 and its easily the best pair of shoes ive ever worn. I have all sort of adidas, nike, nike sb, nike air/max etc shoes and they dont compare to yeezys how premium they feel and how comfortable they are to wear. Many countrys gamestops have said it has been the best console launch ever. Just look up reddit/nintendo switch. Theres too a poll where people responded in how many % have gotten a perfect switch with no problems it was like 90% last time i checked.

You must have misunderstood the post. Yeezys are not worth 600$ and a Nintendo switch is not worth $500 people hype shit up. It's stupid. If you own a pair of yeezys I feel bad for ya man. It's all hype. It's like follow the leader to be cool. This console sucks.


Just another rushed console.


tbh this video made me cringe........


robmeister89 For starters these idiots put the wrong straps on the wrong Joy-Con, you see it a couple times where that had the plus and minus symbols mixed. .. The other glitches happen in all sorts of electronics! Not every single piece of electronic equipment is going to be perfect. Simply get the system replaced (and in some instances it was the game) by Nintendo. I'm sure they would be willing to replace it if it's broken. This video is being blown way out of proportion.

At least someone has some sense. Why people think a mass produced electronic device has to come out perfect every time is beyond me. The 'common' complaints about the Switch are pretty mediocre. The dock as an example, it's just people being heavy handed, I used mine without a screen protector for the first few days and had zero marks or scratches. Dead pixles..are you kidding me...go buy a 60" lcd TV and see how many you get people XD. It's not unusual.


Now I am shocked lmao the video was funny haha

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