Are Zombies coming to Battlefield 1?

Content from Battlefield 1‘s They Shall Not Pass expansion is currently testable in the game’s Community Test Environment, and players have seemingly uncovered an undead secret in one of the maps.

On the new Fort Vaux map, something monstrous can be heard screaming just out of sight. The screams sound very reminiscent of zombie screams from other popular entertainment properties like The Walking Dead, or the Zombies Survival mode in recent Treyarch-developed Call of Duty games. They can be heard coming from behind the walls around a number of locations in the new map, as demonstrated in player videos.

The screams eventually loop themselves, and it does not currently appear as though the audio is triggered by anything specific. It is very likely this secret is part of another larger Easter egg that was discovered earlier this week. After a long and arduous process, this larger Easter egg rewards players with a dog tag titled “A Beginning”, earned by using an M-COM to discover a sequence of hidden locations. Returning to the M-COM once the secret is concluded produces one last message relayed in a much more sinister tone than the messages before. This likely alludes to whatever is in store for the zombies in the walls.

Other players can take their turns at cracking this secret when the They Shall Not Pass expansion launches sometime in March, coming two weeks earlier for those with the Premium Pass.

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I hope they do make an addition, sounds amazing.


I'm already replaying the game again, this would be an amazing addition to the game as it stands :)


Zombies in BF1 would be the best! I would get back on and play all day. I think that It would be a great addition to the game.


the sound of the videos was pretty creepy but how would they bring zombies? if maybe its just an easter egg like the megalodon then sure but like a whole game mode and such would be stupid.


Would be a cool feature, not too sure how it would work.


Gifty That would be so lit it's unreal although you're kind of re making black ops a little?

Zombies existed before Black Ops.


As much as i would love for this to tf would it work? Half the maps have sniper towers and we all know zombies can't climb ladders lol Or just jump in a tank or a plane. What they going to do? Jump in an Anti-Air? lol


That would be so lit it's unreal although you're kind of re making black ops a little?


I really hope this happens.


Can't wait for this honestly!