Standard Nintendo Switch Game Cards Reportedly 16GB

While the Nintendo Switch has been officially unveiled, there is still quite a bit we don’t know about the upcoming console. Some talk about the future of the console has centered around whether or not it will eventually have VR.

While that’s perhaps quite a bit in the future, there is talk that has to do with the device in the now. Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki took to Twitter earlier this week to divulge that he had been told the standard size of the Nintendo Switch game card at launch is going to be 16 GB.

To further add credibility to this rumor, Nintendo insider Emily Rogers took to her own Twitter to explain she thought the 16 GB was standard but there was no preclusion to bigger cards in the very near future. She pointed to the Nintendo DS as proof this kind of thing is something Nintendo does often.

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Not a fan of it tbh not something I would buy


I don't think I'm gonna get this


I doubt that I will buy this thing


16gb is a decent size but for VR....deffinately needs more


Interesting to have the thought of VR implemented but I doubt 16GB will be enough for a VR experience.


Definitely probably not enough room.


KyloCrux That is quite small. Hope to see larger once released.

Yeah kinda is. Ps4 disc can only hold 25gb


That is quite small. Hope to see larger once released.

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