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Warzone AFK tool !

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I have been using this tool since MW2019, I can affirm its reliability. I've never faced a permaban and, I've observed a good reduction in shadowbans-- unless, for example, I started rage hacking


  • The tool automatically starts a game in Warzone.

  • Player jumps out of the plane

  • Player is then either killed by fall damage or by an enemy.

  • After the gulag the whole thing repeats itself.
  • In case of any interface updates the tool will always be updated to match with the new game menu interface.

Supported resolutions:


Resurgence/Rebirth Island support added



To ensure the best service and a smooth transaction, I kindly request that you contact me first before making any purchases.

Trust factor: This tool can potentially increase your trust factor on your account, providing an opportunity to minimize the occurrence of shadow bans. However, it's important to note that there is no guarantee of eliminating shadow bans entirely.

Overnight deranking: Say goodbye to tedious manual deranking.

Easier Lobbies: Experience a noticeable improvement in your Warzone lobbies after just a few hours of tool usage (reverse boost).

XP Farming: This tool also allows you to farm XP for the Battlepass while you are afk overnight or for as many hours as you like.

Anti-Kick Mechanism:My tool includes an anti-kick mechanism, preventing kicks due to inactivity.

No injection: My tool doesn't interfere with the game at all. Its completely external.

Note:While this tool doesn't offer a foolproof guarantee against shadowbans, it can help mitigate the risk, especially when used subtly. Keep in mind that the tool doesn't act as a complete workaround for reports from other players.

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