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Troubled Life Roleplay
Troubled Life is based on the QB-Core framework using mostly free/open source scripts found on Github. Currently being worked on by @Founder Sif. The aim is to provide an amazing Roleplay experience for everyone but without using much MLOs / Scripts that would make a player have a beast computer.

Current scripts on the server include:
Jobs such as Car Dealer, Realtor, Police, EMS, and custom jobs like Callaghans (Irish Pub)
Bank Truck Robberies
Drug deliveries
Food Deliveries
Spray Painting

There's much to do and much more to come. We're currently opened for staff applications.

Current Staff Applications are opened but staff members must be over the age of 21+ and have a fair understanding of moderating game servers. @ | Head of Staff will be voted upon after having a full staff list. Head of Staff position will run every 3 months. and their job is to make sure @Head Administrator[HA] and below are working correctly as a team and everyone understands their position and how to deal with staff issues such as "RDMs" or Hackers.

For job ownership, "grade 4", a player can get in contact with the @ | Head of Staff with an application as to why they deserve to own the business. An application MUST be 200 words and detail what skills you possess to run a business.

Developer Applications are open, but please note, the development server is ran locally and developers don't get much play time, but there will be 2 days dedicated to Developer Days Off. It'll depend on the Developers personal schedule. They can enjoy this time to play and enjoy their work in the City. Or if needed, a developer can request time off to enjoy time in city.

I'd like to personally welcome all people to come and join. Members of TTG can get up to 25k in-game start bonus if they mention their username in their whitelist application

Invite Link: Troubled Life RP - Discord

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