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I bought my mum an iPad Air 2 for Christmas last year

And I know it's OLD, I know it's SLOWER but I have several people to buy for, my mum isn't great with tech anyway. And she uses it for general browsing so it really was ideal for her

Although she loves it and uses it daily!

I feel annoyed because the battery that's inside is probably about 30% health.

100% lasts no more than an 2 hours. And if you're on it continually, Facebook game or a movie it will last an hour max

Again I know it's old but you can still replace the battery, is there anyway to find the health or?

I'm thinking about going my local repair shop but he could easily swap it for a battery that's already knackered and I just can't tell? I might last 30 mins longer but that's no good, I want it to be decent enough to last

If I had the money of course I'd upgrade her but I just don't and she really does like this bigger iPad Air anyway she doesn't come off it! (When it has battery!)

Thanks guys I just want advice if it's worth buying a new battery / how / where and if I can find out what battery health, as it doesn't appear to be on settings

I'm in the Uk too.
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