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Motto: Twitch: // Youtube: 9nty // Steam: id/9nty/ // Twitter:
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In this topic I will be showing you tips that you need to know if you're the sort of person like to spend on the internet. In this topic is show Internet tips and tricks including google chrome extensions that are very useful.

Windows shortcut for emjois to show up!

    If you're on a social media website like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.. and you're ready to post a comment on a picture on Instagram for an example and you want to find the emjoi to post instead of using this website you can do the following
    Windows Key > Plus sign (+), and the period (>)

Remove "Activate Windows" on your PC!

If you're the sort of person haven't activated your windows on PC in 2021 this will help you with a cool PC windows shortcut tip, so if you go into your CMD > Run [Admin] > then type this which shows below

Increase your FPS!

If you're a gamer and like to play games in your spare time and always wanted to know on how to increase your FPS on your favourite game this could help you not 100% guaranteed *disclaimer* these are the steps to follow.

1. Click on the Windows Button on the bottom left hand side of your screen and click on "Settings"
2. Click on "Gaming" section then make sure you're clicked on the tab "Xbox Game bar"
3. Once you're on the "Xbox game bar" untick which shows on the image below:

Create multi desktop screen using windows shortcuts!

This is how you create more than two desktop screens using the shortcuts keys on your keyboard on windows PC. Will be explained on how to do it by following these steps

1. Viral desktop > CTRL > Windows Key & D
2. Want to switch between the two monitor screens? CRTL > Windows Key > Arrows
3. Want to look at all of your desktop screens? Windows Key > TAB > & X (IF YOPU WANT TO REMOVE ALL OF THEM)

Shortcut to open up Task Manager but other route shortcut + tabs shortcuts!

1. Instead of clicking on your Task Manager if you saved it as a pinned app on tasktabs there's another shortcut you can use CTRL > SHIFT > ESC
2. Want to hide all of your tabs on your desktop here's how: Windows Key & D Want to bring it all back again press the keys again. Tah-dah!

3. Want to view all of the screens you can press CTRL > ALT > TAB

You think you delete all of your history but you haven't!

You want to know this is a true factor when you have deleted all of your history data but you can still view your history but searching "" it will show everything crazy times.

Organize your windows using a helpful shortcut!

You want to organize your tabs but don't know how to do it this will show how to do it using windows shortcuts on a keyboard on PC. You can also snap the tabs to the right hand side using the arrows if you have a second monitor. Shortcuts: Windows Keys > Arrows

Note: You can use the arrows (up and down) to snap to the tabs correctly to your screen resolution. You can have 4 tabs on one screen if you like, you can switch the tabs to your other monitor if you have two monitors. This tip is very useful for streaming if you have so many tabs open.

Your favourite browser shortcuts edition!

1. Create a new tab press CRTL & T
2. Close your recent active tab[s] CRTL & W
3. Bring back your tabs CRTL > SHIFT & T

Note: Interesting fact > If you hover over a link and click the middle mouse button it will open the link up. Here's another one for you if you type in the website name not the address so for another example "thetechgame" without the "www." and click CRTL & ENTER it will search the website for you. Maybe this is the one shortcut will be handy for you if you click on CRTL > SHIFT & N it will go into a incognito mode. wow magic!

Travel back in time on the internet using this website!

You want to go back in time on your favourite website you can do so by clicking on this website and typing in the website address for the following. Type in the website you want to look at for an example I'll type in "thetechgame" and it will show all of the data like the design of the website, the date with the website was made, the amount of videos posted which to me is interesting to find out. You can look what the website looks like in January 31st 1996:

Websites you should know about!

If you go to this website you can search up a game you want to buy for an example "MW2" it will tell me websites for that game is cheaper for the price.

Did you know if you go to this website and want to purchase a product on Amazon but the reviews you're looking for are not real you can copy the URL address on the website and it will adjust the views for the product for you and it will giving you the adjusting review for the product you're buying.

Did you know if you want to make your own setup you can by clicking on this website and you can make your own custom setup from desks, monitors, chose your own keyboards, mouse you name it you can do.

Are you fed up when websites asks you to accept your cookies here's how to fix that by downloading this chrome extention

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