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Well last night, i hit an amazing goal. I have been grinding for a long time on this account that is about 2 years old now. Last night i hit 90 base stats on my account with a total level of 2646 and a virtual level of 2691.

A little under a month ago (on December 22nd) i was sitting on stream having a blast and I got lured for the first time for a total of 800mil. At this point, as nerdy as it may be, i cried. THEN i threw up.. then cried again. I didnt play for FOUR days. which for me.. is forever. as im still out of work since my injury at work and i play runescape about 10-12 hours a day.

When i came back, i decided i was going to get down to questing. I had 95 quest points. Yesterday, i had some motivation, i had got done with Fate of the Gods and The Light Within, as well as about 4 more quests and actually hit 217 quest points.

Now, im not too sure what to do. Since theres a good buff this week for slayer i could just grind that since xp is buffed by 50 percent... decisions decisions.

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Thats awesome dude, we need to play together. I am also a hardcore player, I can play for hours and hours and hours.

Question, what do you do for your eyes? really bright lit room? or what? My eyes seem to get sore staring at my pc screen and idk how to fix it, it is a tad bit dull and gloomy in my rom, not dark just underlit a bit
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