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Delete the tread as I can see some virgins are getting sour about people posting on this forum daily, even if it's updating the same thread and replying to other people in this once (friendly and kind) community. I don't come on the site to argue with little fat kids about posting. Positivity only around here, move on with the negative vibes the world is shit enough as it is love

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congrats bro!
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Congrats! You'll be at 100 in no time at this rate.
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Very nice my man, i'll hopefully be there one day
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Way to go! See you at 100
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PiffSensei wroteUnder 12 hours ago I made a post just exceeding 30 REP, you guys have almost got me to 50 already! Thank you for your rep and support people! One love x

Congrats on the rep
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Wow, very fast progress. People can be very generous. Be nice and helpful and you will be at 100 soon. Cool to see another 10-year member still on.
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Congratulations once again mate see you at 100.
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Congratulations on getting over 50 rep, here have some more.
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Congrats on 50+ rep! I would give you some more but I hit my limit already. Anyways keep it up.
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