ConspiracyDo you believe in ghosts/after life?Posted:

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Interested to see where people's minds are at when it comes to the afterlife and if you believe ghosts/demons ect do walk the earth after passing?

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In my opinion, everything exists in this dark world. Not only ghosts, but it could be many more which we are not aware of.
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I believe in aliens, etc., but I don't believe in ghosts or reincarnation.
I believe that when you die, you are nothing. So I am living my life as I want to live it without regrets.
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Again, I'd believe in ghosts when I see one
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I think there's something there that isn't us but I don't know if it's Ghosts or something else.
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Astronauts hiding behind bookshelves.
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Yes, I believe in the paranormal and the afterlife.
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Unless I see for myself I can't say I do
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Dunno, guess I'll see when I die lol
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i believe there is something, not sure what it is but there has to be something higher, even if we dont get to experience it.
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