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Which one is more worth the money?
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All I can contribute is that I have the Elite 1 which had problems with the grips coming off but hopefully, the Elite 2 is better. Besides the grip and the joysticks rubbing off(like any controller) I love my elite.
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I have zero experience with elite controllers but i know they're tons better than the Scuf.

I got all the bells and whistles and played some intense fps games like Overwatch and apex where i'm constantly spamming LB/RB so those went out in less than 2 months.

Then the insane controller lean which was on my extended stick so it made aiming with low deadzones pretty much impossible.

And they cherry on top was they decided to not fix my type of controller so i couldn't get it fixed anywhere nor could i open it and fix it myself without a special screwdriver.

Long story short, get a elite with a warranty and you'll be golden.
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