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Thinking to build my own, but I wanna know if you have any recommendations with a budget of £50.

Size has to be width - 89cm, depth - 63cm.

The measurements has to be exact and that's another reason I'll probably build my own. Just wanted to see if anyone can find one.
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Genuinely speaking, I've spent hours looking to find a desk that can support my setup in the way I need it to. I gave up.. Just going to build my own from literal parts from Home Depot and possibly IKEA. Little nervous because I don't know much about building with wood worth a damn. I can build PCs and vehicles from the ground up. Don't put me in front of a wood working station though. No less, for 3 monitors and the PC I have, there's just nothing that screams out to me. Doesn't help for the fact I've been homeless and I have the nagging sensation always saying "Hey you might end up there again! Think about that shit." So I need something easy to store and is super durable and easy to take apart and setup. I got my design in mind... Wish you luck.
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