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Hello all, so I'm in the market for a laptop just to take back and fourth university. Nothing spectacular as I only have a £500 budget. It will be used for just general work, nothing like rendering, photoshop etc.

All help is appreciated

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This is your best bet mate, has everything you need and under your budget.

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If its really only for watching videos or typing documents you could probably get away with just a $30 chromebook or old laptop from a local computer store
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If your budget can stretch £30, I'd pick this up personally.


Has a nice IPS screen with neat features like fingerprint readers for use with Windows Hello.
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If you're just using it for like quizzes and test on the internet i'd just get something like a chromebook
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i know this might be wild, but have you looked at like facebook market place and see if anybody is selling something good on there for cheap? if you have FB market place in your area.
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ACER have a nice laptop around 500 mark
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