IntroductionI'm back after a few years lost my old account Posted:

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Hello everyone use to be on ttg years and years ago when jtags where still a big thing hope everyone is all well and everyone had a good New Years glad to be back in the community and on the forums !

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Welcome back!
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Welcome back!! It's great to have you

Also, if you still know the email to your old account and have access to that email, an admin on here could help you recover it! Always cool to have your OG account and tenure associated with it.
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Welcome Back To TTG Brother
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Welcome back to the site, like Tasty said contact an admin they will help you out.
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Welcome back
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Welcome back, if you contact staff they can assist you in getting your old account back! Good luck
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Welcome back.
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Welcome Back! You should look at trying to recover your account, I'm sure the staff would be willing to help you out. Besides that, I'd recommend having a read over the rules as I'm sure some will have changed since you where last here. Anyway, hope to see you around the forums.
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