Rocket LeagueGetting Better? Decent GoalPosted:

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I thought this was pretty good for me, I'm a plat/diamond 1 player so decent I guess

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Pretty good goal James, never understood how people still sweating this game but long as you enjoy it I guess.
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That was a beautiful pop/mini air dribble. It looked cool cause you had some spins and popped the ball nice! You definitely keep improving.
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Never played the game myself but that was a pretty good goal if I had to say so.
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Thank god i didnt steal that goal my car just came flying in lmao.I didnt realise how nice of a goal it was til now from your POV.
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nice goal my dawg we needa play im D3 currently rn!
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Good stuff man way better than anything I can hit
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Havent played this game. but good goal
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Wow impressive man, you should have rocketeer!
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