Cold War(OPEN) Hosting CHEAP XP & INSTANT Dark Aether LobbiesPosted:

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Welcome to my shop
Shop STATUS: open
What my mods offer
0% ban rate
Weapon XP x5000 (Max level after 1 kill)
Multiplayer XP x5000
Zombies teleport
God mode
Always headshot kills
1,000,000 points at spawn (doesnt go on leaderboard)
faster sprint
Higher jump
Permanent box spawn

Lifetime XP hosting tool for sale

What my XP tool consists of
Player Options:
God mode
Unlimited Points
Unlimited Ammo
Rapid Fire
Speed Hack
Always Critical
Set Weapon ID

Lobby Options:
Teleport Zombies / Set Location
Insta Kill Zombies
Custom Commands
Jump Heigh
Permanent box spawn
Kick players
Freeze game
Kill all zombies
Restart game

Modified XP Options:
Weapon XP Scale (Slider to x5000)
Kills XP Scale (Slider to x5000)

My Prices

Rentals available
UNLOCK all zombies challenges and camos $120
Note: if you're interested in a zombie unlock all lobby message me. I have 5 spots at 120 dollars. takes about 20 minutes. will host once 5 peole have comitted buyers
Dark Aether Instant Hard unlock $75
Diamond for one type of weapon is $40
Multiplayer Rank 1-1000 is $15
All weapon rank maxed is $15
Rank and guns are $20
You and 1-2 friends max weapons and rank $30
overnight lobbies(you have the lobby while I sleep) $45

DM for custom inquiry
Good luck finding prices better than mine

+REP is always appreciated

Free lobby STATUS

multiplayer XP only
Weapon xp is $10
payers get priority, free lobbies are invited in chronological order
once you reach rank 1000 back out and i'll invite you back. gotta do that to make the rank stick
Donations are appreciated. If you don't want to wait, DM me for payment details
Comment your gamertag/psn/activision to be invited
All messages in my inbox will be ignored unless you are interested in making a purchase

post legit once in. Thank you

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activision id - hi#7633327
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Yoo can I join add me: HA#1901729
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edit: this dude is insane just got into a Lobby and all worked perfectly !

Thanks !

My ID: Johnny Sins#4813629

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Motto: Ask me about the lowest priced XP tools on TTG
I vouch for GentleBee. I know him IRL and gave him the mod menu and code for the post. Our prices are the best around. Give him a try
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Activision ID: iSweat4Fun#5130311
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PapigotabigD#4267586 <- Activision ID please add
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Emilio#435926 , thanks
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