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Who is one of your favorite Youtubers?

One of my favs is


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iFerg has to be one of my favourites out there for now recently joined the CoD Mobile community.
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Marc Rebillet is my favourite at the moment, his a joker but at the same time actually a good singer and good at creating music of the top of his head. Not to mention he free styles everything which is an easy task.
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I have watched Roman Atwood for years and I still watch all of his videos, even though he doesn't upload much any more lol.
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TTG wrote

A true Pioneer and Legend among the OGs of YouTube.
Glad someone else posted this.
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KYR Sp33dy
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Favorite non-gaming YouTube is definitely
Adam LZ
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My favorite channel is Nelk for obvious reasons
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Favorite you tuber is ddg that's my guy we grew up in the same city
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