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Thanks to the wonderful shoutbox gifting, I have gotten 27,000 reputation on the tech game

Thank and comment

The Following 7 Users Say Thank You to Nick For This Useful Post:

Xbox (01-10-2021), Wrxith (01-05-2021), UnknownKnight (01-05-2021), Kixa (01-05-2021), MrParker (01-05-2021), Zombs (01-05-2021), TOXIC (01-05-2021)
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Congrats keep up the grind!
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Congratulations on all that rep Nick, keep on the grind.
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Damn congrats man! Keep it up.
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Congrats on your rep milestone. At this rate you'll hit 30K in no time!
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Congrats on the 27k rep your almost at 30k
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Congrats on 27k rep! I'm not sure if I will ever have that much.
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Dam already nearly at 29k
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I'm jealous. Very very jealous. Congratulations man!
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