IntroductionHad this account for 8 years! XDPosted:

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Just made my first post ever and this will be my second lol.
Hoping to get into ttg again. Maybe I'll actually start posting.. who knows haha!

Happy New Years everyone !

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Welcome back to the site!! It would be great to see you start using your account again. Happy New Years:)

You should come chat with us in the ShoutBox too!
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Welcome back mate
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Happy new year and 8 years with the site.

Hope you become more active this year maybe swing by the shoutbox.

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Welcome back man! Stay and hang out with us
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Grats, and Happy New Year! See you around at 9 years!
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congrats on 8 years and welcome back
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welcome back

not far from 9 years
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Welcome back old timer, see you found my profile lol :p
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Welcome back bro, hopefully you'll be more active

See you around
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