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What are some good games that you could just easily sink several hundred hours into?
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Depends on what genre you like but a good example from my point of view is RuneScape/Old School RuneScape. I've clocked in about 8000-9000 hours on that game. Some other games I've clocked hundreds of hours into are Stardew Valley, Starbound, CS:GO, League of Legends, and some of the Call of Duties.
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2k, Madden, probably OSRS. COD maybe if I really liked the game they made that year.
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Osrs, Counter Strike, DayZ, Dark Souls
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Games now? None anymore.
Previously; Mw2, Ark, and DayZ
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I put like 3k hours into Destiny 1/2 but haven't played it in a while. Right now my baby is Rocket League with some Cold War zombies on the side.
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Escape from Tarkov, warzone.
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BO3 custom zombies, gta 5 lspdfr, madden, 2k
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i spent stupid amount of hours on skyrim
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ive been grinding Apex since a bit before thanksgiving....probably at ~300 hrs or so, not sure
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