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Given how messed up everything is with COVID, how will you guys be spending your holiday? Will it be like usual? With family/no family? Something online? It's a very weird year that's for sure.

I'll start it off too. I'm just staying home with my girlfriend, no family or visiting anywhere this year. Which is weird for us because we both have big families so we have busy holidays. Though this year we'll do some presents and smoke a bowl or two probably with a nice breakfast. Keep it simple, then I'll be working on my painting for the rest of the day instead of going house to house like we usually would. Sounds way better to me; not a fan of making holidays a big deal.

I'm excited to see how all the answers vary! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!
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Well, I'm currently 2,000 miles away from the nearest friend or family member. So luckily the virus makes me feel better about spending it alone. I'll probably spend the entire day playing WoW. And agreed, holidays have just lost all the nostalgia, now it's just a credit card bill, lmao.
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Spending it with my immediate family me my fiance and my daughter
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I'll be here with the SB Knights
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With family and friends and of course I'll be hanging out in the SB too:)

Will be a much smaller group at Christmas this year, so I'll probably have more time to play games and such
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I'll be tending to my alpacas
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Probably playing CoD or working
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Spending it with my family and it's the first year so it's a special one hehe
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Spending ig with my fiance and daughter and my 2 dogs
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