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When you go out with the lads, what your go to drink everytime.
I'm a lightweight so I go for kopperberg

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Depends if i wanna outlast the competition...

To get clattered just get me on the Whiskey and I won't see 11PM...
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Home = Whisky neat with a touch of water.
Pub = Beer
Clubs = Jack & Coke and probably Jager bombs (Don't go clubbing now though I'm getting too old)

But mainly if I go out now I'm with the missus and close friends drinking cocktails my go too is a Mint Julep
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Nights out... Carlsberg, Korev, red stripe or Amstel (most largers)
Nights in ... any larger, most whiskies like JD etc and coke

People who say they drink straight whisky on nights out are either old, hipsters or liars. No one in there right mind will go on an entire night drinking straight whisky.
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If I'm just down the local, it'll be a mix of whatever is cheap and decent so Stella & Strongbow

If I'm out in the city, Peroni & any cider that I haven't yet come across
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I don't go out drinking but I usually drink honey Jack Daniels with Pepsi when I'm playing with the boys on PC or it's a special event or whatever.
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I usually just try a couple new shots or vodka and some kind of juice is super good!
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If im at the pub with the lads usually pints of Heineken, occasionally i'll go for Guinness & Fosters.
At clubs Vodka whites, Morgans orange, Southern Comfort and white or whatever is cheap.
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Whiskey usually
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Typically Vodka Slimes, or Rum and coke but haven't gone to a bar in a year due to good ol' rona.
Also started smoking the ganja and staying in more before quarantine because blacking out ever weekend was getting old. lmao
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