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Who can relate?

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MrParker (01-01-2021), TOXIC (01-01-2021)
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I've came out of the friend zone once!
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"DOWN ATROCIOUS" I died lmao
Escaped it a few times over the years, can be a grind at times
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This is funnier then hell lmfao !
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Supreme wroteThis is funnier then hell lmfao !

Really? I must have missed it
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SubFlexTaylor wrote
Supreme wroteThis is funnier then hell lmfao !

Really? I must have missed it

must agree, i couldn't see the funny side of it??
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Once you're in the friendzone, only a true chad can escape it.

Good luck to all the sorta chads that are trying to get out of such a dreaded zone.
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Did I miss something here or am I just slow ?
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never been friendzoned;)
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Lol guy getting friend zoned is lowkey mad funny gotta have game man
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