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So I got my camaro for spring summer and fall but was wondering how chargers are during the winter ? If they are good I plan on selling my back up car and put a down payment on a charger.

Thanks I'm advanced
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I don't own a charger prolly it mostly depends where you live? And are you getting the v8 version?
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Go with something AWD if it's going to be a dedicated winter car.
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I have owned a 2018 Scat Pack charger for close to 3 years, your best bet would be the Charger GT. They are AWD, great for winter and heavy. Also dodge is just my brand of choice for cars
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You can get an AWD Challenger so that alone will be loads better in the winter, as well as getting snow rated tires.
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I live in the MN area. if you get snow like us i wouldnt run a charger
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I have the v8 and during the snow it's not bad. I'd say it drives better than most low suspension cars in the snow.
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I'd definitely aim for a 4x4 or something AWD if you plan on making it a dedicated winter car.
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