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hello so i built a pc a few months ago and everythings been working fine. other day i decided to replace stock thermal paste and a fan as the fan was playing up. everything was working as it should here no problems untill after.

i replaced the thermal paste and fan, booted up to bios put xmp back on my ram and it instantly froze and i couldnt get booted at all into windows unless i used 1 ram maybe 2. slot 3 and 4 appeared dead so i bought 2 new ram modules and it still did not boot with all occupied so sent back ram and ordered new board.

so today i replaced the mobo all 4 ram slots occupied with corsair vengence 3200mhz ram and loads up fine. i go into bios activate xmp and nothing happens. tried xmp 2 nothing happens. tried all sorts of 3200 overclock says memory fail.

tested all 4 ram sticks on there own in slot 2 and xmp works.
slot 1 with 1 ram at a time xmp works
3 and 4 no xmp works.

slot 1 and 2 xmp works.

so my question, is this cause motherboard is faulty and im unlucky?

I also did accidently drop cpu and bend a few pins on swapping board did try my best to straighten but it still boots into xmp in slot 1 and 2 even with bent pin that i think i straightened ok so i dont think it is this.

any advise?

sorry its hard to explain in writing.
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