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  • Winter 2019
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Just gonna make this short. I've been on TTG for 6 years now and although I'm not as active anymore I've had one hell of a time here! Here's to even more years in the community, I love everyone on here

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Congratulations old timer! Glad you are still with us
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Nice congrats on 6 years OG
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Congrats on 6 years G
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Congrats man! Definitely a gaming forum that will never be let go. Cheers to many more
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Congratulations on the 6 years man! Hope to see you next year at 7.
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Grats on 6 Years Husky!
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Nice to see another veteran kicking im very inactive myself lol
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Man I remember seeing you around a while ago, glad you're doing well. Happy ttg bday
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