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Hello! It's all personal preference but I just wanted to hear what you guys think. I currently own the very first xbox one. We don't play often. If I game is normally on my PC, but my wife and I have been playing COD alot. But we also like to play fun games like humans fall flat.

I think the xbox is a better choice because we already have a second controller, and it's faster I think. But then theirs the ps5 with it's exclusives.. we both remember ratchet and clank from ps2 days. Are their alot of nice family fun exclusives on ps5?

At this point it seems like whatever is available I'll grab haha. What would you all go with?
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Get the digital version of both consoles if you can't decide. I bought the series x and is great so far no issues at all and hides away nicely because of the shape.
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I went with a Series X, the price for what you get is unbelievable and the Game Pass gives you so many games you can try to play. In your case the extra console would be nice.
You get some really, really good quality gameplay, and PC nerds are gonna bash me, but it's so good that it's nearly as great as a good quality gaming build. I've been gaming on PC for a good amount of time now and I'm still happy with my new Series X.

I'm biased, I've stuck with the Xbox since I got my first 360, mainly for Halo. So I see your appeal to exclusives, Playstation has a lot of great ones. I think that is the one thing Sony always gets right and there are games I'm jealous of.

Good luck with your purchase, as long as you find something in stock.
TL;DR: I got a Series X and I'm very happy with it.
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Personally I've had the Xbox Series S & X, I absolutely fell in love with Xbox again! The Game pass is such a great thing to have especially if you love old games, like Halo! My brother has the PS5 & has been having issues, like blue screens, randomly turning off after hours playing, running 60FPS. My Xbox has not had any issues (thankfully) & the thing about Xbox is that all accessories from Xbox one are compatible, the ps5 will require you to buy new accessories & those can be like $70 for controllers.
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