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I have been thinking about buying cold war for the Xbox one but I would like people's opinions on it.

Is cold war worth buying?

What are the pros and cons to it?
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Very buggy but everyone's opinions different SBMM is very strong it's not too bad could be improved
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I'd suggest just going on YouTube or Twitch and watching a bit of gameplay. This might give you some insight on things you like and dislike about the game.
The reason I suggest this is there's already been a few topics like this and every reply is either: "good game I'm having fun" or "this is the worst game ever I'm never playing cod again" and truthfully that is how CoD is every year. I tend to buy it just to see if I enjoy it. Sometimes I can play them for months, sometimes I play for a few days and never load it up again.

I'm enjoying this one personally, there's aspects I dislike about it, mainly the map pool, but it seems pretty solid and that is from someone who hasn't enjoyed CoD since Bo3.
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