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Listen everyone the past couple of days I've been playing Zombies on Cold War, and I've discovered when apply double XP tokens to rank up faster, it seems likes it don't Work at all! Tonight I've just applied like 2 hours of Double xp, Went into a zombies game at level 43 and died on round 54. And in game it said I got to level 51.. so you would think 43 to 51 with 2 hours of Double XP don't really seem it but Yeaaahh... Besides that when my game ended I was only at Level 46, when in the game I was 51? So I've lost 5 levels some how! This game is so bloody buggy!!

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It sucks that it's like this and it's a shame you likely won't get any compensation from the developers.
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Thanks for this cause I was getting ready to use mine lol. The game is in such a buggy state right now it's disappointing
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