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Hey guys,

So I used to sell cheap Modern Warfare accounts as you guys know but it looks like Blizzard hit us with a checkmate for selling these accounts because when you try to log in it now asks for the linked phone number instead of any other Security Check.

So, with that said, you can still do it yourself since you won't get hit with that SMS Verification (you still need to SMS Authorize to create the account, but not Verify to log in after)

- Go to on Google Chrome and connect to Ukraine via HolaVPN Chrome Extension
- Create your account and input a Ukranian number from
- Get your SMS Auth code and finish set up.
- Open Blizzard App
- Log in. There is no verification needed from home set up.
- Buy the game with a card that won't be mad at you for buying in Ukraine (its like $42)

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Can also use argentina by setting a security question.
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