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Okay here me out. Idk if there is one or not but I definitely think there should be one. It could help people who want to learn about it and for you to talk to others about trading, etc. LMK what y'all think
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I would not take any advice about stocks from people on this website.
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I don't personally think TTG is the place for a stock Forum, you're capital is at risk. You should be speaking to a professional in that department, not your average like minded folk.
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I think r00t would actually die
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You can find like-minded people everywhere, even in such a forum as this. I want to tell you that Bitcoin is one of the most popular topics in the world. I have bought bitcoins, Altcoins and Etherium in my time. For all crypts I have created an online wallet to keep my money under control at all times. Everybody's interests are different, but there are like-minded people everywhere!

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My brain would actually hurt trying to explain stocks to people on here, lmao.
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Love the idea but not the community for stock advice lmfao
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oGSupreme wroteLove the idea but not the community for stock advice lmfao
We actually have a bit of people here especially r00t who knows a good bit about stock!
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If you want good stock look for little grey man in shoutbox, do opposite of grey man, they give BAD BAD tip

best luck!
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invest in Beyond Meat vegans gonna take over the world
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