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Yesterday Pfizer announced it's vaccine was 90% affective and I was wondering would many actually take it or would you be cautious due to potential side affects?

I personally would take it because i'm just desperate for some normality.

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Idk to be honest. Maybe after a while of people taking it and seeing how it goes
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Vaccine development is a long, complex process , often lasting 10-15 years and involving a combination of public and private involvement....

How long did they trail and test this vaccine?

My answer is NO.Myself or my kids will definitely not be getting that and that's for sure!!
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I would not! I don't trust them.
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I took a Covid Test yesterday and almost instantly was sneezing and coughing felt ill for an hour or 2 after the test.
Still waiting for my result to come back
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After the first wave of people who decide to try it first take it then maybe I'll think about it
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Seem many articles and have read up upon it and i certainly do not trust it so i will not be taking it.
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i will not be taking it! its way to early for a vaccine to effective.
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Im not taking it! I was reading that Bill Gates funded it and he wants to put nanomachines (small robots) into your body! NO WAY.
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